Friday, May 4, 2012

what happens in Vegas,

A friend of mine asked me "how do you get over a shitty heart-break?" I believe I'm still to young to exactly know how, but with experience I have managed.
  • cut your phone service off
  • stay away from social media
  • rid of all memorabilia (pictures, clothing, written acknowledgments, the text messages you review non-stop, the whole nine...etc)
  • exercise, and eat well   
  • surround yourself around positive people and atmospheres 
  • converse with individuals who have been through tougher Love struggles than you (& be grateful) 
  • examine the break-up as a catalyst for growth, and a reminder to always Love thyself better. 
  • do NOT listen to Lykke Li's "Possibility" 
  • do NOT, i repeat DO NOT watch Blue Valentine 
  • do NOT sentimentalize about your failed relationship, be honest and acknowledge at one point & time you both were raw with venom.  
  • cry whenever necessary, even at inappropriate moments like in the middle of your philosophy presentation or standing in the government documents section in the library. 
  • make peace, send your former partner Love, learn from the light and darkness you experienced in-between, and next time do not over-look the warning signs.
  • find a couple you respectively admire and ask them "how does it feel?" so next time you can know when its Love.  
  • in one to five years you will be over it and you will sleep so well because of the realization that you were always Loved.
everything that happens here, stays 
there is never one who "looses" you can only win or learn. 

With Love, Elle.

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