Friday, May 4, 2012

the kids just ain't alright,

Forever Youthful 

In-between classes, volunteering,  and working I found time to have a nice meal and drew up a couple of my old friends.

In your ear:

Kendrick Lamar, R.O.T.C

R.O.T.C is from Kendrick Lamar's stimulating 2010 project Overly Dedicated [O.d] which instantly gained him attention. Compton native Lamar is an informative conscious lyricist that is commonly known for his mainstream single "I do this" featuring Jay Rock and his affiliation with Black Hippie. His latest project Section 80 released in 2011 was ranked as one of the top digital hip-hop releases of the year. Lamar is scheduled to drop another album this year called, Good Kid in a Mad City. Kendrick Lamar should definitely be considered a breathe of fresh air for the hip-hop lifestyle, and I highly suggest everyone to take a listen.

Kendrick Lamar, Ronald Reagan Era ft RZA

With Love, Elle. 

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