Monday, April 23, 2012

-crafty wildflower,

Today, I finally discovered the perfect mistake. 

 as a sweater...

& as a pair of pants.

Waking up to a cool breeze coming through my fifth floor window with three missing blinds that happen to be laying on top of me I was instinctively determined to wear a sweater today. Barely awoke and already running late to prepare for my ten o’clock class I anxiously grabbed my favorite sweater, ran to the mirror, put my leg in the arm of the right sleeve, then left. I looked in the mirror with confusion of why my legs were in the arms of my sweater and intrigued by the possibility this mistake could have. I imagined a great outfit; therefore, I found a belt and a couple of my crafty utensils and got to work. I believe the outcome of my morning mishap turned out to be a pretty snazzy pair of harem pantsJ.  

With Love, Elle.

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