Sunday, September 26, 2010

my type of party,

Where are these parties happening at?
I'll be down to party with them...

Red cups, ganja smoke, maximum security, clique, your favorite over played radio songs, and a million and one camera flashes are what you should expect from a party in 2012. I sometimes wonder how the modern day party atmosphere and substance made its presence. You rarely see people dancing or intermingling with one another outside of there normal group of friends. Sobriety is beyond rare and instead of dancing majority of the people make the dance floors their personal runway. I rarely go out for those reasons, but when I do I Love conversing with strangers, dancing with my friends and the people around us, and just having fun making the most out of my environment. The “Hollywood” type party scene is wacky to me, and I believe it is hard to create great memories when you have the same routine with the same individuals.  Let loose a little, converse amongst one another, and cut it up on the dance floor with a stranger. Keep it cute always, exclusive at home, and cut it up when partying because life is to short the the stagnant!

With Love, Elle. 

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