Sunday, September 12, 2010

Child, stop bothering me.

A good start with an awsome finish.

My inspiration:
"This is the making of a masterpiece,
so we broke out the chains and told the master peace."

I am so in Love with these ear rings I saw on tumblr therefore,
I decided i'm going to create my own pair. I found a custom feather website to order new feathers with unique colors, designs, and patterns I'm excited. 

I'm still bumping all four mixtapes daily, nothing has changed.
I'm his favorite fan. 

Stevenson University.
Saturday night,
ft. Lysa, Nivz, John, and Wilson :).

We had a ball despite the dropping of Alysa's phone in a alcohol beverage and the mini panic attack.

"Make the most out of tonight and worry bout it all tomorrow."

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