Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wonderful Day =]

31 March 2010, Last Day Of My March MADNESS ended beautifully =].

I woke up feeling very good about my sleep, then I recieved a offer to accompany a trip to the DC Zoo with K.Silver =]!

Had to snap a daily picture with Kwasi, then off I went into the family van!

Mmkay, I took a couple pictures of our favortie animals. . . .
Damn gorilla was drinking his pee, pewwww!


My Favorite he was the only animal active, =].

Of Course we seen the flyest of all people down there!

Reason number 52489662525 of why I hate Nicki Minaj she inspires BS ike this! lol
K.Silver made me do it poor little girl hair was sooo dry and I think her sister saw me take this lol
I dont support the attire of anything COOGI except their knits =], she really thought she was hot stuff!
Why does he have those?!?!?!
They dont block the sun and they fuck up your ability to see properly. . .ugh!
His parents should be arrested, where in the would is the rest of his hair? And why did they think it was okkie dokkie to spike what little hair he has left. . . .smdh
Anyway we ended the night chillin with some highschool pals =] and it turned into morning then we went home. . . .April 1,2010.

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