Saturday, March 13, 2010

itty shity,


It rained ALL DAY non-stop at different paces blahhh,
then my umbrella broke so I had to walk around school without one.
At the end of the day my clothes were damp and my hair looked like a Furbie!!!
Pt. Two
Interruption of my sound waves occurred

Your not two nor five the obvious should not have to be explained to you. Loyalty should never take second place to royalty. I understand common sense can sometimes get lost in the mix but damn. This concludes everything we had and now I don't care what you do. Fact is you couldn't knock me out the park if you had a tree trunk. 

Pt. Three
Took a trip up Owings Mills Forever 21
Just to check something out and by this dress I've been looking for from H&M.
Hmph, clearly I didnt expect some pussy a** boy to try and fight my baby Kesh.
She is barely 5ft 2in chill the fuck out brah and stop acting like a wet one!

Pt. Four

Home Sweet Home!
I just did my thing and chilled. . . .
and took some pictures with my shitty BB.

The END to my shitty itty Friday that was really not worth mentioning, but worth telling.

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