Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Light some Fire to her Plastic.

I DO NOT support or understand Nicki Minaj and the rants that come out of her mouth.
Yes, I must give her some credit from time to time Nicki will have a good punch line here and there, but I hardly can comprehend what she’s saying and I could care less about what she is doing with her virgin and mouth at that. To me she’s not encouraging and I don’t understand the whole “Barbie” representation. You’re a grown women calling yourself Barbie and speaking as if you just consumed helium from a balloon WTF! I agree that sex sells but she is pushing the envelope and nascar’ing the shit out of the term [meaning driving it out of context of course].

I was so happy when I heard that somebody actually went-in on miss Polly pocket ghetto Barbie. Keys. . . .Yes I said, “Keys” from Baltimore, MD =] spit a freestyle exposing Nicki for what she really is “she on the second verse and still not saying shit!”

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