Saturday, December 5, 2009


The Fact That I Don't Drive Makes Everything 15X's Harder For Me.

  • I'm Never On Time To My 8 O'Clock Class
  • I'm Always Rushing To Finish My Work At School To Make It To Work On Time
  • I Have To Trim My Own Ends Because I Would Rather Not Travel Looking Crazy
  • I'm Always Have A Cold And Sneeze From Waiting On Other People, Buses, and Trains
  • I Can Only Go To Owings Mills Mall Because Towson Is An 1hr and 45Min's Bus Ride Away
  • I'm Always Getting Approached By Creepy Boys, Old men, Girls, etc. . . YUCK!
  • I Have To Always Watch My Back For Criminals
  • Impossible To Meet My Study Group Consistently Because Coming Home In The Dark Is Extremely To Dangerous
  • I ALWAYS Have To Wake Up Early To Be Somewhere
  • Jobs Would Rather Not Employee Someone Who Doesn't Have Consistent Transportation
  • There's So Much More But Its Bringing Tears To My Eyes Thinking Of It I'm Done, Ughhhh WHY ME?!?!?!?!!?FML

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