Saturday, October 17, 2009

rambles and rants,

I'm Running Circles Around Myself, Tripping Over These Untied And Tangled Laces

Creating Chaos Without Even Acknowledging It, Covering My Eyes While Trying To Get Past It

How Fast Do I Have To Run? Where Do I Run To? And With Whom Will I Run With?


Just In One Day. . .

Fours Papers To Write, Four Papers To Type, One Mid-Term To Take, Four O' Clock Bread To Make, Two Bestfriends With Lost Ends, One Boy To Adore, Tired Of Begin Talked About Wouldn't Mind Begin Forgotten About, Cell Phone That Never Rings, Still Hearing Things, Moms Going Insane, My Favorite Boy Done Changed, Only Fifty Cents In My Wallet, But I Smile The Same.

IDK What I Did To God Or Whoever But Damn GIVE ME A BREAK!

im only 17 and already tired of this "life" race. . . .

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