Tuesday, September 8, 2009

really dude, really

I Was On Fb Today And I Have Absolutely Had Enough, I Cant Take This Anymore! I'm Starting To Hate When People Update There Status, Because I Know There Going To Say Someting Stupid. Such As, [People Always Hating On Me Man They Wanna Be Like Me, They Envy Me Yada Yada. . . BLAH!!!]. The Fuck? Who Cares If They Do I DONT, I DONT want to HEAR it, nor Do I Want To SEE it! You Can't Do Anything About People "Hating" or "Envying" you or "Minding YOUR Buisness". But You Can Ignore Them And Not Feed Into Them To Keep Them Going. GROW UP This Isn't "HIGH SCHOOL" It's Life So Stop WASTING It On People That Clearly Are!
This Is Exactly Why I Hide, Delete, And Aviod Some People!
Oh, nd' Its Always The Ones Who "Dnt Want Any Drama" But Always Some Where In Between, Gahhh'd It Kills Me Everytime. I'm Happy Begin A Misfitt No Longer A Soicalite, I Left All That With The People Who Clearly Want It. . . . YOU !

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