Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Spirit?

So Mostly All Of My Friends Are Packing Up And Shipping Out For College "Higher Education" Universitys And Shit. And Im Staying Using The Same Binder As Last Year And All At CCBC "Community College" Which I Call The 13th Grade Cause It Aint Much Different From "Junior High". I mean I Dont Feel Dumb But I Sure As Hell Dont Feel Smart, Im University Material Just Like The Rest Of Them. To Bad Big Kat Thought Differently. So Until Fall 2010 I'll Be At Your Local Community College With All The Rest Of The: Under Achievers, Less Foutunate, Gangsta's&&Hoes, Moms&&Dads, etc.....
Dnt Ask Me Wht School Im Attending Fall 2010 Cause I Dnt Kno.

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