Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear Summer. . . .

I Know You Gonna Miss Me,
But Give Me Nine Months And I Swaer I'll Be Back With The Same Team.
New Drama, New Styles, And Hair Cant Wait To Take Another Breathe Of Your Hot Summer Air. Cut Off Some Of My Main Streams, We Weren't Mean't To Be On The Same Team. Regardless You Blessed Me With New Hopes And Glories. You Gave Me More Thrills, And Less Triffling Stories. You Let All My Niggahs Keep Shine[n], My Girls Still Gridin Until We Reach Success And Shit. But, Sorry To Say That Niggah Fall Gave Me A Call The Other Day, And Said, "Yo Winter's On Its Way." You Know I Would Love To Have You Stay Chill On The Roof With My Sandals And Drink Anyday But I Cant, I Cant Even Say This Is The Best You Gave Me Because I Know Its More To Come. But For Now I Guess Its Bye Cause Winters In My Back Pocket So I Gotta Run . . . . .Ayy I Know We Running Two Separte Ways But I Gotta Let You Know There's Tears Runing Down My Face.

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