Sunday, July 26, 2009

Respect For A: HomieLoverFriend

A Conversation Between Me And A Friend:

Me: Srry for the late response
Was on th phone wit pop pop, but yea ok
ILY nite son

Trav: Huh?

Me: Idk, y yu still up

Trav: [A Person's Name]!...dnt wanna expose

Me: lol, owwwhhhhhh

Trav: What the hell is that lol

Me: Its like me

Trav: lol your a koon and damn yall was on the phone forever son

Me: Yea 4hrs &like 47 mins
Me: Wait corrrection 4hr and

Trav: Why do you kow that.?

Me: lol, my phone tells me how long my convo's

Trav: Oh wow but that nasty Howl had me rolling
And what you do today son?

Me: hahahah, y yu laugh
&&absolutely nuffn man, I jsu cooled for real

Trav: Cause like i had no idea what it was and then it was a
fucking howl of all things lol. And cool cool,
Fuck niggas talk about for 4 hours lol
I mean I cant talk cause i talk to whats her face longer than that for real

Me: hahaha, yea that is kinda funny
but we talked about everything, I didnt even noticed we
was talkn for that long.And the only reason im not on the
fone is cause my fone died and I told her if it died I would call tomorrow.

Trav: lol, you are hard hahahahaha

Me: lol, how

Trav: Yo thats some shit a nigga would say to a bitch
they just tryin hit while holding there nuts lol.
I did that before thats why its hella details

Me: OMG,i didn't mean it that
Wht a nigga yu are!

Trav: Hahahaha i know right it do seem hella hood though like yeah
if my shit die dnt wait up shor cause a nigga aint chargen up for real

Me: lol, PETTTTY

Trav: How?

Me: Cause it
that's yo girl, yu should put yur fone on the charger and keep talkn

Trav: lol if its a girl you just want to hit you dnt be caring for real

Me: Omg, that's not right
Yu should respect her

Trav: Not if you just tryen to hit and dip forreal exspecially if she
down with it that means shes a hoe i mean i wouldnt care you cant
respect some one that dnt respect themselves.

Me: True but just because she lettn yu get in her and she dnt mind,
doesnt qualify her as a hoe.She could really like it like you do
and miht not wanna be tided dwn and if yu he only one she yeah'n
with then she def not a hoe. And she deserves respect,
ya'll both in it for the same reason anyway.

Trav: True but she still a Hoe not I

Me: Why she a hoe

Trav: Cause she a girl yo

Me: You sound Crazy

Trav: Whats worse aboy that just wanna fuck which is all of us or a Bitch that just
wanna fuck? she a hoe because she part of a group of few.

Me: Ya'll both fuckn tho, doing the same shit. Whts the difference

Trav: She a hoe and he is that nigga

Me: Petty yo, that dnt make sese
Girls like sex just like boys

Trav: Yeah but thats not society set it upso it always seems worse for girls

Me: Fuck society, y should we hve to live by someone else's moto. Ima do watev I want, as long as im not disrespecting myself im Straight!

Trav: Becaue everyone in life need to conform into some type of group wheather you
think so ornot everyone just wants to be excepted unless they are a sociopath
(insane). And i dont see you waling around in a patatoe sack just to be
different so EP lol

Me: Hahahaha, but I dnt follow any guidlines of common society and i dnt act like it

Trav: Alll your friends closet friends act kinda like you right?

Me: I mean we all funny but we all definitely have different morals and standards TRUST! LOL

Trav: Yeah i know that lol believe me i know lol
BUT would you be the same if you never met them?

Me: Yea, i was always different in some sort of Mom raised me different,
plus I mean I was always the tallest,

Trav: Not in aperance women lol?

Me: Oh well yea I was always on my own doing shit.....

SAFE SEX is GREAT SEX better wear a LATEX because you dnt want that LATE TXT saying I THINK IM LATE txt!????

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