Sunday, July 26, 2009

& He Finally Admitts,

E.Y: I miss you as a bestfriend son.

ME: Your A Liar, No You Dnt (in crazy ex-bestfriend vioce)lol

E.Y: Yea I Do Niggah

ME: Yea,Yea

E.Y: Im Foreal Yo

ME: OK OK, If You Say So Mane
How's Arie , She Still Going To Bowie?

E.Y: She Good And Naw CCBC
And Why Dnt You Believe Me Son

ME: Oh Ard Thats Cool &I Just Dnt
I Really Dnt Theres Something In Me That Doesn't Believe You

E.Y: Why Though?

ME: Why Would You?
It dosn't even seem like it,
&Of Course You Dnt Act Like It,
IDK Mane

E.Y: Cause Motha Fucker You Was My [Best]friend An A Good One At That
Even Though You Lie About Dumb Stuff I Mean I Guess Dnt Act Like It But
You Dnt Either So....

ME: I Was Act'n Like It And I Was Tryn To Make Everythig Normal & Ok But
Yo Weren't So I Stopped. IDEK Why We Stop Talkn In The First Place, It Was A
Very Stupid And Corrupt Idea That Destroyed A Great Friendship.

E.Y: Yup Niggah But Im Calling You SO ANSWER

Me: Kk,

(He's Getting Better)

Love Elle, 

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